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Optimus Computing Completes TSA Display Upgrade for LAX Airport

The next time you’re heading through TSA at LAX, you may notice TVs with an “Estimated Wait Time”. Optimus Computing worked with the Los Angeles World Airports technology team to upgrade their systems that provide the public with information about how long they should...

8 Reasons to Stop Using Free Email For Business Right Now

8 Reasons to Stop Using Free Email For Business Right Now We all know someone, or we are that someone, who uses a free email address for their business. The appeal of free email is strong! Who doesn't...

Natural Disaster Emergency Evacuation Technology Checklist

On December 3rd, 2017, Southern California erupted into an inferno as more than four fires ravaged the area. Intense hurricane force Santa Ana winds were the culprit. The Rye Fire, Creek Fire, Thomas Fire, Little Mountain Fire, and Skirball Fire engulfed the...

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